Windpass Keep

Status report:

Keep Funds
1470931 Gold 50000 Demon Gold
Trade Information
Trade Routes: 28 Road status: Well kept Roads.
Crime Rate: Great (In and around Windpass) Watchtowers along road.
Mercenary Guild(Level 6) Merchant Guild(Level 5)
Blacksmith Guild(Level 7) Hunter’s Guild(Level 5)
Adventurer’s Guild(Level 2)
Cathedral of Pelor(Artifact: Altar of Pelor) Temple of Pelor
Temple of Syreth Temple of Vecna
Temple of Hextor Temple of Kord
Temple of Valkar Temple of Mordrin
Temple of Wee Jas Temple of Heironeous
Working Buildings
Stone Keep Walls Extended Perimeter Walls
Walls reinforced by Magic +1 Walls Portal System(Linked to Acorn Hold)
10 Taverns/Inns Mage Tower
Druid Rings Prison
Catacombs under the Keep Good roads to and from keep.
Underground Wells for Water supply Underground passage(exit is north 5 miles of the keep)
Docks Cayla’s Manor(Spell Research Wing)
Recruiting Station Large Roc Aviary
Stables (846 Horses/ 12 Construct Horses)
Mage Academy (-10% Mage Training) Training Room (-10% fighter training)
Monastery (-10% monk training) Zoo(Monkeys, Day-Bat, Baby Harpy, Baby Giant Rat +20% Recruiting)
Auction House(+10% Merchant income, +5% Merchant recruit) Hunting Lodge(+20% Hunting food)
Bowyer(+5% Hunting Food) Granary(+10% Farming Food – 1 Month Food Storage)
Forge – Blacksmith x3 Tanner x8
Alchemy Shop Siege Workshopx2
Ship Yard Brewery
Winery Weaver Workshop
Cooking Kitchen(Cooking Spices +35% All Recruiting) Kerosene Refinery
Stone Quarryx5 Copper Quarry x3
Iron Quarry x4 Silver Quarry x2
Gold Quarry Sawmill x17
Cooling Tub of the Dwarves(See Post) Fountain of Purity (See Post)
The Mysterious Door(See Post) Large Window(Impervious to physical Dmg)
Bowl of Plenty – Provides food for 100 a month
  • 5 30 Man Crew Boat
  • 5 15 Man Crew Boat
Spell Hallow – (Magic Circle against Evil, Bless, Turn Undead +4) Blessing of Tyr – (-5% Adventure Dying, +5% Recruiting)
Baracuda Statue(+10% Fishing)
Camberleigh Farm(Provide enough food to sustain 25 NPCS) Dwarves up North 10000 gold for 600 pounds of ore every 3 months.
Special Merchants at Windpass
  • Naturo – Leather merchant, is able to make Fine Boots from a special llama breed that will increase Reflex save by 1(This effect is nonmagical and stacks with all)
  • Hearold Keen – A swordsmith by trade. He makes +1 – +5 swords of any type. Will make weapons for your guards with a 25% discount.
  • Tate – This dagger shop would serrate blades of any dagger. This would add +5 damage to anyone hit with this dagger.
Rare Crafting Material
20 – 1×1 sq ft Red Dragon Scales 25 – 2×2 Red Dragon Scales
2 – 12” Red Dragon tail spikes 2 – 8” Red Dragon tail spikes
1 – 5” Red Dragon tail spike 100 – White Wolf Pelts
1800 Pounds – Adamantite 2 – Diamonds(5000 value)
Sight Stone(Can make 2 pairs of lenses and 1 big lense – See Invis)
  • Adult Red Dragon Head

Population Resources
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Religion Blessings

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Windpass Keep

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