Heathens Settings

The players live in the Dale Canyon, home to two nations.

Stont, the Nation of the Earth, known for its mountains containing Dwarves and rumored other races deep within (this is where their home is) Stout’s biggest problem is their neighbors to the East, Woodin, the Nation of Forests, Known mostly for their vast Forests containing elves, fairies, and other little known about races

The two nations share the only valley located in their lands, it is split by a once over flowing River, The Ankh. The river is needed for transport and other trades, the valley is where most of the cities get all of their food. If one nation owns all of the valley the other will die off Each nation has always claimed theirs, but lately there has been fighting over who can use the river because of the drought While the river is still deep enough for light boats to use at some places only one boat can move through it at a time

People have been killed, and the latest news a Woodin boat was taken, ran on shore and then burned ..there were no survivors from the wreckage, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack

Because of the geography the two nations have often considered each other one nation, but these acts can not go ignored! and neither nation is backing down Original Map: http://img524.imageshack.us/img524/2007/dalewaterflownationskm2.png

Opening Mission

Starting Events: Lately things are going well for the crew (players) they work for a noble by the name Hennin, he is in charge of one of the four providences of Stont, a thoughful man, but lately his thoughts are on the possibility of a war with Woodin.

Our party was watched during their past jobs at Hennin estaes and eyed out has brave, honorable men that are more then trustworthy to take on special missions. This is a surprise seeing how you have only been working for him four months (mostly chores so far)

Many ppl are mad that you were all promoted so quickly within the Hannin Estates. The promotion came with a lot of perks, but the highest thing is a room in Hennin’s Castle. Yes, the crew has to share it, but they eat their meals with the Lord and his family so the food is good.

After a month of “chores” like beating debtors into paying, tracking lost cattle, looking through cave ins, you get a real mission, one that will earn them more then just a pat on the back from their peers. Hennin calls you in:

You come in Hennin is in the back of the room sitting at a table with 4 other men, some others are in the back ground, but you can barely make out their figure in the dim light. Reggial, the Captain of the Guards, is waiting for you close to the door. While the men in the back keep talking Reggal give you the orders.

You are to taking a load of equipment to the city known as Tagish at the Ankh River. You will be providing protection as well as transport. (you are at the westernmost city) You are to meet another band of adventurers at a smaller city named Reel. You are to encounter this group and continue the journey to Tagish with them. There is one wagon, pulled by two horses, with four crates. You are not to look in the crates under any circumstance. The other group of adventurers will explain what will be done with the supplies and how ouy are involved. The crates are to be delivered to Jeith Hennin, in Tagish, Lord Hennin youngest sun and acting leader over the Hennin military force. He will be expecting you. After you deliver the goods you are to remain in Tagish where you will take orders from Jeith. You are to leave tomorrow morning, prepare for battle*

Enter the Stonecutters

As we were walking through Reel we witnessed Tim(The Thief who sold us the +4 Wisdom Ring) jumping out of window. He apparently had just stolen an item of some value and had jumped out of a window. A woman popped out of the opening shortly after and promised a reward to anyone who would catch that thief.

Wispher took off after Tim but ran head first into a trap. Mordoc arrived on the scene also to be the victim of another trap. Ridd was able to free Wispher, but then Ridd and Wispher got “shackled” together. At this point “Tim” proposed a plan to make us rich and we agreed.

The plan was to infiltrate a StoneCutter’s meeting and “steal stuff”. We met up outside the house and went into the meeting. After awhile we proceeded to the backroom at Tim’s prompt while Ridd stuck around to see what was said.

Wispher and Mordoc took part in a process that ultimately opened the door to the safe. It involved two secret rooms, two keys, and two mean mages. After taking care of buisness we proceeded into the vault room where we watched Tim dance across the room to a strange item surrounded by a blue glow. He was able to get the item but not before setting of an alarm. He threw the blue object out of the room where we snatched it up just before Tim was sealed off by a 5 ft thick Metal Door.

At this point Ridd met up with us followed by 40 StoneCutters and a fireball spell. We fought our way through the bunch and then proceeded to take out the “head honcho”. After mopping up we hightailed it out of the building and then out of the city.

We met up with Samuel who agreed to keep watch over the blue item. Wispher using druidic powers hid the stone in the side of a mountain with plans to return to it at a later date when we know more.

Ridd learned from the meeting that the StoneCutters are planning to move the artifacts(they took from us) from Togash down river to an undisclosed location. We need to stop the artifacts from getting on that boat.

Our plan is to get to Togash, and quickly.

Golden Needle

Before getting to head off to Togash. Ben, the Malachi hand cutter, showed up and needed us to perform a quick desperate mission.

Our mission was to travel to a nearby monastery and recover the Golden Needle before Malachi could reach it. When we arrived at the Monastery, the place was in ruins. Farms outside were burning and Malachi was at the door ramming it down. Ben went to delay Malachi while we searched for an alternate way to get inside. We met up with Edgar who realizing the danger led us to the Golden Needle. We destroyed the defensive measures around it and took the Needle and barely escaped with our lives. We gave the Golden Needle over to Ben. We owed him one for saving our lives back in the forest, and now that debt is settled.

Boat Ride

After getting some sleep after the Golden Needle incident. Our group packed up and headed out to Tagash with our new found allies.

Upon arriving in Tagash we proceeded to go straight to the docks where we began our search for the artifacts. Ridd happened upon a boat named the SS Granite. The named kind of hinted that this might be our boat of the stonecutters. We kept watch over the boat for some time and decided the best course of action was to stow away on the boat and hope to recover the artifact.

We payed off a few sailors to carry us on board within a box.

One evening while on the boat we overheard Malachi(HE WAS ON THE BOAT!!) Speaking to another guy dressed in blue about his “failures”. We learned that the statue could not be used without the golden needle or the metal strips?, and that this new fellow could be in a higher position than Malachi within the StoneCutters.

Wispher using the spell shape wood, dropped the statue artifact through the bottom of the boat. Mordoc hooked us up with some water breathing and we drug the statue to shore with some help from some animals of the river. Our buddies were close by with the wagon and we loaded it up and hauled it back into town. Now where should we hide this thing….

An Old Keep

After meeting back up in the city of Taggash, we spoke with the Land Magistrate about acquiring some type of “house” that would serve us as a Guild HQ. The magistrate mentioned an old keep up north called Windpass Keep. He stated that it was in dire need of repairs but that he would give it to us for quite a small price. We agreed to purchase the keep and set off to find it.

The journey was about 2 days and it was anything but boring. We came upon a group of Dwarves from the city of Oakenborough who were under attack from a large group of orcs. There were many bodies strewn about and it looked to have been quite an epic battle. We assisted the dwarves and achieved victory. They dwarves insisted we come see them sometime in the city of Oakenborough to set up some sort of trade route with Windpass keep.

We continued on our journey toward the keep and were pestered by orc most of the way.

We eventually came upon Camberleigh Farm, where Mr. Camberleigh told us how a group of Bandits, led by Grollum , had been Lording the lands for the past six years, and that this orc pressence was a new happening around these parts. He mentioned that he and his family would be packing up and leaving soon if something was done about this orc presence. He promised aid to our group if we would eliminate the orcs.

We finally came to Windpass keep where we quickly infiltrated the keep and destroyed all within. The orc leader, Narus, was quite formidable but was put down by our combined strengths.

After the battle we freed Grollum and three of his loyal men. He promised to work for us and help us make deals with the surrounding communities in the area. He seems quite a trusty fellow and will make a good addition to the team.

Keep Construction

After a few sidequests we ventured back into the city of Taggash to find some help with rebuilding the walls of our keep.

While in Taggash we met up with Ben again, the golden needle bearer, whom we happened to be hunting.

Ben told us we weren’t ready to wield the needle but we decided we were, so he agreed to bring us to the needle. He teleported the entire crew to a marsh that appears to be well east and south of Windpass Keep. In the marsh we found an old stone cabin that was an actual front for a hidden underground fortress.

We ventured down into the depths of the fortress, being antagonized by four quite loud necromancers. We noticed several constructs of beast nature and man on the way down. It was quite an eerie place with blood coating each wall and walkway. Finally we came upon the central chamber where four unsurprised necromancers awaited our arrival. They had the room mightily trapped preventing anyone from approaching the four. Luckily for our group Wispher and Catta have amazing jump and run speed. The two in a daring move, jumped through the traps, narrowly avoiding them as they exploded behind them. Catta and Wispher began to wail on the nearest Necromancer. Ridd and Mordoc quickly joined the fray and we fought with all of our might. Halfway through the battle the necromancers were able to stitch together a Golden Needle Construct who possessed great power and quickly began to go to town on Mordoc, who took quite a beating but still held his ground. We met a new challenge with the necromancers, they thoroughly enjoyed stripping us of our buffs and replacing them with calamity. Ridd was able to toss around a few additional buffs and help the party get back on their feet.

At the end of the day our party was able to recover not only the golden needle but also the metal table that we hope will reveal part of our past.

Lost in Woodin

After leaving the Underground Fortress we quickly realized we were completely lost. Wispher spent a deal of time communicating with the surrounding nature life and discovered we were somewhere in Woodin, and that meant east of the river. We began travelling west where we began to notice destroyed flesh constructs of beast as well as man. We eventually came upon a group of the Men-Flesh Constructs and were able to convince them to join up with us at Windpass keep, providing we would destroy the Great Dire Bear that was on their trail. We agreed to their terms and awaited the huge bear. Other animal constructs began to come out of the woodwork but they too were convinced that our group was not a threat, and a Great Stag actually decided that we were worthy to be helped.

At some point the Dire Bear came bursting into our vision. The bear was enormous in size and looked to be quite a formidable battle. Ridd let loose a fireball but unfortunately wasn’t able to penetrate quite as well as he had hoped. Mordoc summoned forth a flamestrike onto the bear, leaving the bear standing but singed. Catta protected the flesh constructs while Wispher and his Dire Lion pet charged forth toward the beast. Wispher arrived first but was only able to damage the beast slightly. Luckily the Dire Lion having fought these creatures in the past knew just where to strike. The lion roared loudly and pounced onto the beast’s neck where it proceeding to rip into the jugular, taking the beast down quite unexpectedly.

The War Begins

We continued our journey eastward until we eventually came to the city of Riverford. Not much occurred while visiting Riverford, we picked up a few supplies and began our travel north.

After travelling a few days north we came upon a trading vessel run aground. There were a few soldiers of Stont maintaining a defensive position around the boat. We approached them and inquired about the situation. Apparently a medium sized force had attacked the ship and carried off most of the cargo. The men from Stont said the pirates had entered into Ikein Hold. The Stont soldiers had demanded that Ikein Hold give up the criminals but Ikein Hold responded with force instead. A small incursion developed leaving dead men from Stont as well as Ikein Hold.

We volunteered to hunt out these bandits and soon discovered they had not entered Ikein Hold at all. Their trail ran north of Ikein Hold and we eventually came upon their camp. Their force numbered about 60 or so and a huge battle took place between the bandits and our party. They suffered terrible losses as we let lose our destructive spells upon their men. Several escaped with their lives but at least we had broken up their entourage quite a bit.

We returned to Ikein Hold to deliver the news. To our dismay we were not able to stop the war brewing between Stont and Woodin. Neither Stont nor Woodin was upset at us, they did appreciate what it was we had tried to do, but mentioned our success was for naught. The war would proceed.

The General of Ikein Hold somewhat demanded us to fly the flags of Woodin over our Keep. With no choice we deceitfully agreed with no plans of choosing a side at the moment. We actually bartered some horses and wagons from him before taking a leave of his precense.

We are now looking around town to see what it has to offer before we set out yet again to return home.

Hunt for Oakal

Wispher decided to take a quick trip to Treeton to see if he could find Harkin the Bard. Upon arriving in Treton Wispher quickly found the bard and spent a few coin to get some information out of him regarding the Order of Oakal. It appears the gloves of Torish turned up in the possesion of the King of Woodin, while some Demons got a hold of the Vest.

After exploring the library the gloves seem to have been used as a bartering item from the orcs who originally had taken them in battle.

King Luke then wore the gloves into battle against a Cult from outside of Dale Canyon. This was over 150 years ago.

The gloves are rumored to still remain at Berry Field.

Wispher intends to recover these as soon as he gets a moment, but will surely need help from the rest of the crew.


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