Peace for now.

Several Weeks later…

In the past few weeks Windpass has seen it’s share of action. Shortly after meeting a new people to the south a Nation under the name of Whosnum attacked Windpass. Their army consisted of Werewolves and Giants. Windpass fought a very bloody battle but stood victorious at the end of the day. We learned that two of the super constructs commanded this army and later learned from them that we, the rulers of Windpass were also fashioned from the needle as Super Constructs.

The following months afterwards we did quite a bit of clean up work cleaning out stonecutters, but have yet to end the organization.

Next on our agenda was to clean Hennivale of their blight on the land and learn more of our past. After assasinating all the leaders we learned that humans had been exiled to Dale Canyon. The races outside of the Canyon had deemed that humans were too violent and had ordered them all to the canyon. What will we do….

This feat was then followed up by Cayla meeting with the Rulers of Stont and Woodin and bringing peace to the Canyon.

Varmut needs a new body

With some investigation Visicount determined that he would need the heart of someone good to “fix” Varmut back to a good working condition. He made his request of Wispher and asked if his new friend Cayla could come along. Wispher agreed to the request and Cayla and he set out to find a graveyard deep in the heart of Meinteith Province. It was rumored that there was once a great defender named Myriam that had spent the entirety of her life defending an artifact that prevented starvation. She protected this artifact for several years against all forms of evil until eventually dying of old age. This seemed like the perfect heart for the taking. We investigated a local town to determine the location of the resting place of this fine protector and were able to learn that the city and graveyard had been abandoned because of the lingering presence of undead. We made our way to the city and sure enough there were some massive undead infestations. We’re talking Zombie’s ate my neighbors kind of infestation. We battled several groups of undead and super undead in the city, shooting sunbursts and sunbeams a plenty. After the bones were laid to rest we quickly dug up the coffin of Myriam and took her statue as well! Mission accomplished. Varmut should be back to working order in no time.

After our short adventure in dead man’s town, Wispher’s thoughts turned to Reel and their bandit problem. After several hours of searching Wispher and Cayla were able to uncover the bandit’s location. We questioned around town as to what types of men these bandits were, wether it be serial killers or simply normal fellows pushed to the edge. As it turns out these bandits were simply a large group of refugees that were struggling to get by on limited food storage. Wispher and Cayla infiltrated the camp. Wispher proposed a solution to their food shortage while Cayla hid in the shadows, ready to strike in case of danger. Wispher suggested that their group should break up and come to Windpass for food and shelter, on the condition that their leader, Robin, turn himself in for punishment in Reel. Wispher made a very strong argument to convince Robin to sacrifice himself for the good of his people. He reluctantly agreed and traveled to Reel for judgement. To Robin’s surprise Wispher spoke on his behalf in front of the Council of Reel and was able to get his sentence reduced to a year or 700,000 gold in restitution payments to the families of the men killed. The remaining refugees were overjoyed at the conclusion, and the majority took Wispher up on the offer and moved to Windpass Keep.

The Black Needle!

After preparing several wards and barriers we decided to let Visicount stitch the Troll body we had found in Stont back together. After stitching him back together the Troll quickly came back to life. As we examined the troll it seemed like a multitude of mouths were casting silent spells all over the course of his body. The troll was quite angry as he gained conciousness, we tried to calm him but it was of little use. He demanded that if we were truly his allies we must follow him. Surprisingly to us he had been able to dismantle all of our protective spells and then he had opened up a gate right in our midst. We quickly followed through the gate coming to the original site where we had found the Golden Needle. All that remained was a huge crater. We followed him through another portal to the 12 Stones of the Perfect Twelve. Upon arriving at the scene we were quickly surrounded by twenty new “evil” constructs who we were able to fight off. We then followed Darfur Oglok, the troll, through his next gate high above the Twelve Stones. It seemed our new location was right in the lair of a Troll city, Tarnul. Darfur had already went on a rampage through the lair destroying many of the remnant hierarchy of the Troll city. Darfur was hailed as the new king of Tarnul and asked for our help in freeing him from this black thread.

We began our search for the Black Needle in the city of Stont. We found a basement deep below the debris of the crater. After a thorough search we discovered a large stone slab with stitching “markings” in the stone. Visicount was able to provide some information in regards to this stitching, a Draconican by the name of Varmut was responsible for this stitch work. Wispher performed a greater scrying and we were able to learn that Varmut was working with two other power houses and were amassing an army to attack Treeton.

We quickly rushed to Treeton and warned the King of Treeton to evacuate. Instantly the new evil construct army appeared in the streets of Treeton. We threw a few distractions and quickly teleported out with Varmut in tow. We beat Varmut down to a pulp, just as his two buddies teleported onto the scene. Yet again we grabbed Varmut’s body and teleported to Darfur in the Troll city. The two jerks quickly followed. Darfur fought them off with a barrage of spells as they in return remained defenisve so that Darfur would not destroy them. One of the jerks grabbed for the Black Needle but Catta was able to “lift” the needle just before the two enemies gated out.

Catta was able to repair Darfur who awarded us with treasures and riddles.

Afterwards we returned to Treeton to speak with the king. He offered us an alliance which we accepted, providing us coffers of gold in thanks for our service.

Ding dong the King is dead

Several months have passed since we first sent our spies to infiltrate the Stonecutter network. The latest news from Stont comes, in notifying us that one spy in particular has not reported in the past couple of weeks.

This is not typical for this particular scout so we decide to investigate. Upon coming into view of Stont’s capital city we notice a large number of people making their way out of the city. We stop by to see what has transpired and it seems that some large explosion has taken place in the residential section of town, the same section where our spy was working from. We encourage refugees to head to Windpass and then make our way on into the city.

After investigating the home of our Mark we learn that he spent a great deal of time at the Church of Oldimarra. Of course we do some searching over at the church which leads to the discovery of Mark’s journal. The journal provides valuable intel of some of the latest dealings and thoughts of the Stonecutters. It appears they have infiltrated pretty much every governing council and groups with any sort of power. He does mention that the Stonecutters have a somewhat normal meeting schedule at another Church in the royal district.

At this point in our journey it seems all of our thoughts had drifted back to the empty coffers back at Windpass. We rob the Church blind during the day and then come back at night to see what all we have missed. After a good deal of snooping about we find a lever which opens a passage into an underground passage of the Church. We dash down the passageway exploding traps in our wake. After several encounters which end poorly for the Stonecutters we ultimately run into a familiar face that teleports out quickly. We finish our search of the underground passage only to discover we need a key and more than likely that fella that zapped out is our objective.

We head back out of the underground tunnels coming face to face with what could only be the King of Stont, A STONECUTTER!! Finally a figurehead of the organization that has been a thorn in our side from the beginning. We quickly council with each other and decide to end this sucker once and for all. After a very difficult battle we are able to put down the King and his aides. On his corpse we do find the key to the vault below and quickly go to claim our treasures.

In the vault room we found several objects along with a troll body. This fella may come in handy so we bring him along.

Before the Stong High Council we dump the body of their King. The ultimate slap in the face. We threaten them to weed out the Stonecutter presence from within their ranks, and make a hasty retreat back to Windpass.

Resulted in New Stont

New Stont# With the death of any king a nation goes through a hard time. Stont is no exception. Things could not look worse for the area once known as Stont. In the heart of Main Stont, the Prince Tayshaun is trying to keep Stont together. The surrounding cities are are staying loyal, but looking for any excuse to abandon their old nation. The Stont army has rallied at Stont’s End. This makes it the only city with any of Stont’s offensive troops. Woodin has closed in and taken Lakeside and Trouten. They now claim that the river belongs to them. Many cities and keeps have declared themselves independent of Stont. There are even unconfirmed rumors of another nation forming in the south lands of old Stont.

Prince Tayshaun ruled out any corruptions or deals with the Stonecutters. Not many people refute the evidence brought forth by the leaders of Windpass. Nonetheless Prince Tayshaun has declared that he is now ruling a different nation and will first form a sturdy base. He calls these lands New Stont and plans on ruling over all of the lands that Old Stont once controlled.

Status Report: This is the current status of the cities that we do have information on.

Taggish: has been abandoned. It was the city hurt most by the war. There is nothing or no one left from what our sources can tell.

Reel: Has become an independent city. It is being protected by a small group of soldiers.

Candir: Is remaining Loyal to Stont and still flies their flag. They have a small group of Stont guards protecting their base

Henninvale Hold: Has declared their independence. The Henninvale family has amassed a small army for protection.

Other cities that are further out have not had any visitors come to our home to get any information from.

Acorn Hold Origins

It all started that day Catta and Whisper were making a mess of the Keep. From far off two riders were spotted riding hard in our direction. Catta and Whisper ceased their hostile game and rode out to meet these travellers. We found a young elven girl and a dead human child. After reviving the child we learned that he was a child from the village of Aton, far into Wodin territory. He mentioned that the elves had invaded their city leaving noone alive.

We quickly prepared for the trip and headed to Wodin. We were able to find the remains of the city and tracks leading out into the woods. After following the trail for several hours the trail was lost. Much to our aid we came upon an old hag who was able to fill in the details a little more to our adventure before her life was ended. The Galleon Wood elves had been under some type of mind control and had attacked the poor village.

We spared as many lives as we could before coming face to face with Sadin, an evil General with the Stonecutter’s clan. We made short work of her, ending the curse put upon the Galleon elves. Hulkien the Galleon’s fellowship member swore his oath to our party and we can now summon his aid at any time through Oakal’s Fortune. He will also remain at our new Territory protecting it as it were his own.

We started the Fort at Acorn Hold, a firm start to a force in Wodin.

Tom and Jerry hard at work

We stuck Jerry and Tom on interrogating the Stonecutter Leader…

They discovered that the Stonecutters had dealings with the demons to get the Needle in the first place. Stonecutter Rael devised the plan to take Heroes of Legends and construct parts of each to make super warriors. The needle was not strong enough to maintain control over these 15 warriors. After completion of the 15 members of the Fellowship the power to control was lost to the needle. We also learned that Malachi was the first member of the Fellowship to be created as well as the first member to be destroyed. The demon who was responsible for killing Malachi also happened to be a member of the Fellowship.

Jerry was also able to tell us that the main Headquarters for the Stonecutters was in Stont. Allthough he was not able to get anymore detail than that. We dispatched an investigation team to uncover any additional information.

We decided our best course of action was to enter the underground lair of the Demon to either enlist his aid or destroy him. The trip down was pretty uneventful we dodged the demons as best as we could until coming to a room where demons where positioned around a devil being tortured. There was no way around this room so we had to dispatch the demons which in turn rescued the devil from his torture. The Devil’s name was Graata who taught us a Demon Fighting Technique as well as agreed to accompany us to the Demon Master’s Lair. Mordoc, Catta, and Graata positioned theirselves in the throneroom while Whisper decided to be the bait. The demon sensing our presence entered the room in a not so pleasant mood. Whisper explained to the demon that the Stonecutters were our common enemy and if were to help us we could in turn help him. The demon didn’t appear to go for this story. However luck sought our party again when the Devil decided to attack the Demon. Gratta leapt from his position to strike the Demon. Catta instinctively struck the devil. Whisper bellowed out “ASSASSIN” and leapt into the air striking the devil a mighty blow. While the devil was still plummeting to the ground Mordoc swung his axe in that all so familiar fasion decapitating the creature, just in time for Ridd to disintegrate the corpse. Poof. After some inspiring words by Wispher the Demon, Peator, promised to aid us in any battles involving Devils, Stonecutters, or other members of the Fellowship.

We can summon his aid through Oakal’s Fortune.

Bring the fight to the Stonecutters

After determining that the Stonecutters were the ones responsible for creating these beings of great power with the Golden Needle we decided to pay them a little visit. We questioned our informants about the whereabouts of the next gathering of the Stonecutters. After several months of espionage they had learned of a meeting taking place in Tagash several weeks away. Wispher attended the meeting as a bug and learned that the Stonecutters may have yet another “super construct” up their sleeve. Wispher also was able to learn that Malachi, as well as, Ben were also two of the super constructs. After the meeting was over we decided to take out the Stonecutter leadership once and for all. We stormed the building destroying the guards and several high ranked officials. We were able to render the Captain unconcious but not before an alarm was rose alerting everyone to our presence. We quickly grabbed what loot we could find and make our escape by the means of teleport yet again.

The fellowship of Men

After further examination of the large book we discovered in the demon lair we learned that the book was of Draconic origin.

Visicount struggled with the book but was able to decipher that the book was about the golden needle and what the book called, The Fellowship of Men. According to the book the world had been created with the needle and held great power. After mankind came upon the needle it was used to create creatures of great power. The needle lost a substantial amount of power after creating these beings. Visicount is unable to read most of the writing at this point however near the end of the book it mentions the resting place of the needle. On on one of the peaks of Mount Henry Moad near Stont rests the remains of the Fellowship of Men.

We decided to check out this place of interest and so began our adventure.

After several hours of searching we came upon an abandoned city of some sorts. The city appaeared to be decades old yet remained in perfect condition. We continued through the city and eventually came to a large gathering of statues. Surrounding the statues was a strange aura that prevented any magic from being cast within. We cautiously approached the circle and examined the area. We noticed that each statue had a family name written along the statue. Some of the statues of were men, some dwarven, elven, orc, celestial, and even devil. We jotted the family names down and returned to Windpass Keep.

One name that was of great surprise was that of Oakal….

We went north to speak to the Dwarves whom told us to contact the Stonecutters if we wanted more information. DUM DUM DUM

Of Demons and Kings

About a year has passed since last I wrote about the brave adventurers of WindPass Keep. Since our last adventure war has broke out in full force between the nations of Stont and Wodin. Windpass Keep has remained neutral during the course of the war offering safe haven to like minded individuals. Neither nation dares to defy Windpass as the losses they would suffer would sway the war in the others favor. Windpass has thrived economically which has bolstered the military as well as the Keep treasury quite a bit.

Our adventureres, Mordoc, Ridd, Whisper, and Catta have spent the past year controlling the matters of the Keep as well as training the new soldiers. In their spare time Mordoc and Ridd have spent refining their crafting skills, while Whisper has devoted more time to researching the surviving artifacts of the Order or Oakal.

One evening as Whisper was out at BerryField examining the stones he noticed a slight crack in the monument barrier. Knowing this was a new incident at the ruins he immediately returned to Windpass Keep to see if Mordoc and Ridd were available to help him check it out.

The group set out toward the ruins. After awhile of travelling Ridd noticed that they were being followed. After waiting several minutes the “follower” appeared to the group. It was a small mushy type creature with small wings that were barely big enough to lift it’s weight. The creatured travelled on all fours and went by the name Pym.

Pym led the group back to the ruins and into the portal beneath the stones. After stepping through the portal the adventurers realized they weren’t in “Kansas” anymore so to speak. The area was completely underground with molten lava rushing through the deeper passages. The cave glowed from the red hot heat that pressed down upon our heroes.

As our adventurers traversed through the passages they came upon a grisly sight…. A man, whom Pym called master, was having his organs removed by four vulture type demons. They were loading his organs onto a cart and wheeling them away. The man was pinned to the table by strange metal wires and it was obvious the man was under some strange enchantment that regenerated his limbs and organs quickly after losing them. It was also clear that allthough the man was capable of regrowing his organs the removal was quite painful as he filled the room with screams of agony.

Mordoc was the first to act. He promptly leap from his observant position to strike the first Vulture type Demon. Whisper followed quickly after landing a drop kick on the Demon Mordoc engaged. Ridd quickly turned one to dust through his arcane mastery. The other three demons quickly fell to the experienced group.

After freeing the man it was learned that he was Varn, Former King of Wodin, of the Order of Oakal. After his rescue he asked our heroes to destroy the construct army that had been built by his parts and allow him to get the rest he had waited so long for. He was granted both and our adventuers allowed Pym to follow along. Our group stormed through the caverns dispatching Varn look alikes at every corner. Upon reaching a large staging area SyN came upon a fearsome site, thousands of “Varn” warriors were standing, waiting on a command from their captain. Mordoc and Whisper called forth a massive earthquake destroying the armor in a matter of minutes.

During the chaos that ensued our group escaped to some type of throne room were 50k worth of demon gold, a magic harp, a dire bear rug, a huge book, and one of the artifacts of Oakal were discovered. After looting, the brave adventurers teleported out, job well done.

Demons attack Windpass!

Our fleet sailed past the burning remains of Tagash and our hearts dropped. If fighting has occurred this close to home there’s no telling what has become of Windpass Keep.

After successfully unloading at the docks Ridd teleported us directly to the Keep, and right into the middle of a mess.

Grollum was quick to give us a report. Stonecutters and Tagash guards fled to our keep simply because there was no where left to turn. A demon army had appeared from nowhere led by the Demon Baltanar. He or one of his lackeys were responsible for Edgar’s death in their search for an object of great power. We quickly realized the object they were looking for must be the Golden Needle. Previously we had been told that the golden needle was useless without the statue so we decided to bring them together to see what happened. To our astonishment an older demon that went by the name Visicount was in the room where the statue was. It happened to be that Visicount was the statue and had been freed due to the golden needle’s presence. We soon discovered the needle in his hands could be used to “sew” people back together forming a construct creature of the former self with no memories, yet intelligent.

During our next meeting with Baltanar we questioned him whether he would give us something in exchange for the needle and all he was able to offer was a quick death. It doesn’t take much more than that to get our gang a rollin. We began our assault on the demon and his summoned demon army. We dispatched many of the lesser demons while Mordoc wrestled with Baltanar. Mordoc was taking heavy hits but still managed to struggle with the demon. Then out of nowhere Malachi attacked Baltanar striking him with such ferocity Mordoc was released. The demon and Malachi flew up into the air to do battle while we who remained finished off the demons. After several moments passed Malachi fell to the ground dead, along with his trident. But all was not lost for the demon Baltanar had been grievously injured as well and his demon army recovered his body and fled back to the abyss.

Windpass Keep held off a demon army, tales of this epic battle are already being sung in taverns around the world.


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