Heathens Settings

The players live in the Dale Canyon, home to two nations.

Stont, the Nation of the Earth, known for its mountains containing Dwarves and rumored other races deep within (this is where their home is) Stout’s biggest problem is their neighbors to the East, Woodin, the Nation of Forests, Known mostly for their vast Forests containing elves, fairies, and other little known about races

The two nations share the only valley located in their lands, it is split by a once over flowing River, The Ankh. The river is needed for transport and other trades, the valley is where most of the cities get all of their food. If one nation owns all of the valley the other will die off Each nation has always claimed theirs, but lately there has been fighting over who can use the river because of the drought While the river is still deep enough for light boats to use at some places only one boat can move through it at a time

People have been killed, and the latest news a Woodin boat was taken, ran on shore and then burned ..there were no survivors from the wreckage, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack

Because of the geography the two nations have often considered each other one nation, but these acts can not go ignored! and neither nation is backing down Original Map: http://img524.imageshack.us/img524/2007/dalewaterflownationskm2.png


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