Varmut needs a new body

With some investigation Visicount determined that he would need the heart of someone good to “fix” Varmut back to a good working condition. He made his request of Wispher and asked if his new friend Cayla could come along. Wispher agreed to the request and Cayla and he set out to find a graveyard deep in the heart of Meinteith Province. It was rumored that there was once a great defender named Myriam that had spent the entirety of her life defending an artifact that prevented starvation. She protected this artifact for several years against all forms of evil until eventually dying of old age. This seemed like the perfect heart for the taking. We investigated a local town to determine the location of the resting place of this fine protector and were able to learn that the city and graveyard had been abandoned because of the lingering presence of undead. We made our way to the city and sure enough there were some massive undead infestations. We’re talking Zombie’s ate my neighbors kind of infestation. We battled several groups of undead and super undead in the city, shooting sunbursts and sunbeams a plenty. After the bones were laid to rest we quickly dug up the coffin of Myriam and took her statue as well! Mission accomplished. Varmut should be back to working order in no time.

After our short adventure in dead man’s town, Wispher’s thoughts turned to Reel and their bandit problem. After several hours of searching Wispher and Cayla were able to uncover the bandit’s location. We questioned around town as to what types of men these bandits were, wether it be serial killers or simply normal fellows pushed to the edge. As it turns out these bandits were simply a large group of refugees that were struggling to get by on limited food storage. Wispher and Cayla infiltrated the camp. Wispher proposed a solution to their food shortage while Cayla hid in the shadows, ready to strike in case of danger. Wispher suggested that their group should break up and come to Windpass for food and shelter, on the condition that their leader, Robin, turn himself in for punishment in Reel. Wispher made a very strong argument to convince Robin to sacrifice himself for the good of his people. He reluctantly agreed and traveled to Reel for judgement. To Robin’s surprise Wispher spoke on his behalf in front of the Council of Reel and was able to get his sentence reduced to a year or 700,000 gold in restitution payments to the families of the men killed. The remaining refugees were overjoyed at the conclusion, and the majority took Wispher up on the offer and moved to Windpass Keep.



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