Tom and Jerry hard at work

We stuck Jerry and Tom on interrogating the Stonecutter Leader…

They discovered that the Stonecutters had dealings with the demons to get the Needle in the first place. Stonecutter Rael devised the plan to take Heroes of Legends and construct parts of each to make super warriors. The needle was not strong enough to maintain control over these 15 warriors. After completion of the 15 members of the Fellowship the power to control was lost to the needle. We also learned that Malachi was the first member of the Fellowship to be created as well as the first member to be destroyed. The demon who was responsible for killing Malachi also happened to be a member of the Fellowship.

Jerry was also able to tell us that the main Headquarters for the Stonecutters was in Stont. Allthough he was not able to get anymore detail than that. We dispatched an investigation team to uncover any additional information.

We decided our best course of action was to enter the underground lair of the Demon to either enlist his aid or destroy him. The trip down was pretty uneventful we dodged the demons as best as we could until coming to a room where demons where positioned around a devil being tortured. There was no way around this room so we had to dispatch the demons which in turn rescued the devil from his torture. The Devil’s name was Graata who taught us a Demon Fighting Technique as well as agreed to accompany us to the Demon Master’s Lair. Mordoc, Catta, and Graata positioned theirselves in the throneroom while Whisper decided to be the bait. The demon sensing our presence entered the room in a not so pleasant mood. Whisper explained to the demon that the Stonecutters were our common enemy and if were to help us we could in turn help him. The demon didn’t appear to go for this story. However luck sought our party again when the Devil decided to attack the Demon. Gratta leapt from his position to strike the Demon. Catta instinctively struck the devil. Whisper bellowed out “ASSASSIN” and leapt into the air striking the devil a mighty blow. While the devil was still plummeting to the ground Mordoc swung his axe in that all so familiar fasion decapitating the creature, just in time for Ridd to disintegrate the corpse. Poof. After some inspiring words by Wispher the Demon, Peator, promised to aid us in any battles involving Devils, Stonecutters, or other members of the Fellowship.

We can summon his aid through Oakal’s Fortune.



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