The fellowship of Men

After further examination of the large book we discovered in the demon lair we learned that the book was of Draconic origin.

Visicount struggled with the book but was able to decipher that the book was about the golden needle and what the book called, The Fellowship of Men. According to the book the world had been created with the needle and held great power. After mankind came upon the needle it was used to create creatures of great power. The needle lost a substantial amount of power after creating these beings. Visicount is unable to read most of the writing at this point however near the end of the book it mentions the resting place of the needle. On on one of the peaks of Mount Henry Moad near Stont rests the remains of the Fellowship of Men.

We decided to check out this place of interest and so began our adventure.

After several hours of searching we came upon an abandoned city of some sorts. The city appaeared to be decades old yet remained in perfect condition. We continued through the city and eventually came to a large gathering of statues. Surrounding the statues was a strange aura that prevented any magic from being cast within. We cautiously approached the circle and examined the area. We noticed that each statue had a family name written along the statue. Some of the statues of were men, some dwarven, elven, orc, celestial, and even devil. We jotted the family names down and returned to Windpass Keep.

One name that was of great surprise was that of Oakal….

We went north to speak to the Dwarves whom told us to contact the Stonecutters if we wanted more information. DUM DUM DUM



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