The Black Needle!

After preparing several wards and barriers we decided to let Visicount stitch the Troll body we had found in Stont back together. After stitching him back together the Troll quickly came back to life. As we examined the troll it seemed like a multitude of mouths were casting silent spells all over the course of his body. The troll was quite angry as he gained conciousness, we tried to calm him but it was of little use. He demanded that if we were truly his allies we must follow him. Surprisingly to us he had been able to dismantle all of our protective spells and then he had opened up a gate right in our midst. We quickly followed through the gate coming to the original site where we had found the Golden Needle. All that remained was a huge crater. We followed him through another portal to the 12 Stones of the Perfect Twelve. Upon arriving at the scene we were quickly surrounded by twenty new “evil” constructs who we were able to fight off. We then followed Darfur Oglok, the troll, through his next gate high above the Twelve Stones. It seemed our new location was right in the lair of a Troll city, Tarnul. Darfur had already went on a rampage through the lair destroying many of the remnant hierarchy of the Troll city. Darfur was hailed as the new king of Tarnul and asked for our help in freeing him from this black thread.

We began our search for the Black Needle in the city of Stont. We found a basement deep below the debris of the crater. After a thorough search we discovered a large stone slab with stitching “markings” in the stone. Visicount was able to provide some information in regards to this stitching, a Draconican by the name of Varmut was responsible for this stitch work. Wispher performed a greater scrying and we were able to learn that Varmut was working with two other power houses and were amassing an army to attack Treeton.

We quickly rushed to Treeton and warned the King of Treeton to evacuate. Instantly the new evil construct army appeared in the streets of Treeton. We threw a few distractions and quickly teleported out with Varmut in tow. We beat Varmut down to a pulp, just as his two buddies teleported onto the scene. Yet again we grabbed Varmut’s body and teleported to Darfur in the Troll city. The two jerks quickly followed. Darfur fought them off with a barrage of spells as they in return remained defenisve so that Darfur would not destroy them. One of the jerks grabbed for the Black Needle but Catta was able to “lift” the needle just before the two enemies gated out.

Catta was able to repair Darfur who awarded us with treasures and riddles.

Afterwards we returned to Treeton to speak with the king. He offered us an alliance which we accepted, providing us coffers of gold in thanks for our service.



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