Peace for now.

Several Weeks later…

In the past few weeks Windpass has seen it’s share of action. Shortly after meeting a new people to the south a Nation under the name of Whosnum attacked Windpass. Their army consisted of Werewolves and Giants. Windpass fought a very bloody battle but stood victorious at the end of the day. We learned that two of the super constructs commanded this army and later learned from them that we, the rulers of Windpass were also fashioned from the needle as Super Constructs.

The following months afterwards we did quite a bit of clean up work cleaning out stonecutters, but have yet to end the organization.

Next on our agenda was to clean Hennivale of their blight on the land and learn more of our past. After assasinating all the leaders we learned that humans had been exiled to Dale Canyon. The races outside of the Canyon had deemed that humans were too violent and had ordered them all to the canyon. What will we do….

This feat was then followed up by Cayla meeting with the Rulers of Stont and Woodin and bringing peace to the Canyon.



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