Opening Mission

Starting Events: Lately things are going well for the crew (players) they work for a noble by the name Hennin, he is in charge of one of the four providences of Stont, a thoughful man, but lately his thoughts are on the possibility of a war with Woodin.

Our party was watched during their past jobs at Hennin estaes and eyed out has brave, honorable men that are more then trustworthy to take on special missions. This is a surprise seeing how you have only been working for him four months (mostly chores so far)

Many ppl are mad that you were all promoted so quickly within the Hannin Estates. The promotion came with a lot of perks, but the highest thing is a room in Hennin’s Castle. Yes, the crew has to share it, but they eat their meals with the Lord and his family so the food is good.

After a month of “chores” like beating debtors into paying, tracking lost cattle, looking through cave ins, you get a real mission, one that will earn them more then just a pat on the back from their peers. Hennin calls you in:

You come in Hennin is in the back of the room sitting at a table with 4 other men, some others are in the back ground, but you can barely make out their figure in the dim light. Reggial, the Captain of the Guards, is waiting for you close to the door. While the men in the back keep talking Reggal give you the orders.

You are to taking a load of equipment to the city known as Tagish at the Ankh River. You will be providing protection as well as transport. (you are at the westernmost city) You are to meet another band of adventurers at a smaller city named Reel. You are to encounter this group and continue the journey to Tagish with them. There is one wagon, pulled by two horses, with four crates. You are not to look in the crates under any circumstance. The other group of adventurers will explain what will be done with the supplies and how ouy are involved. The crates are to be delivered to Jeith Hennin, in Tagish, Lord Hennin youngest sun and acting leader over the Hennin military force. He will be expecting you. After you deliver the goods you are to remain in Tagish where you will take orders from Jeith. You are to leave tomorrow morning, prepare for battle*



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