Of Demons and Kings

About a year has passed since last I wrote about the brave adventurers of WindPass Keep. Since our last adventure war has broke out in full force between the nations of Stont and Wodin. Windpass Keep has remained neutral during the course of the war offering safe haven to like minded individuals. Neither nation dares to defy Windpass as the losses they would suffer would sway the war in the others favor. Windpass has thrived economically which has bolstered the military as well as the Keep treasury quite a bit.

Our adventureres, Mordoc, Ridd, Whisper, and Catta have spent the past year controlling the matters of the Keep as well as training the new soldiers. In their spare time Mordoc and Ridd have spent refining their crafting skills, while Whisper has devoted more time to researching the surviving artifacts of the Order or Oakal.

One evening as Whisper was out at BerryField examining the stones he noticed a slight crack in the monument barrier. Knowing this was a new incident at the ruins he immediately returned to Windpass Keep to see if Mordoc and Ridd were available to help him check it out.

The group set out toward the ruins. After awhile of travelling Ridd noticed that they were being followed. After waiting several minutes the “follower” appeared to the group. It was a small mushy type creature with small wings that were barely big enough to lift it’s weight. The creatured travelled on all fours and went by the name Pym.

Pym led the group back to the ruins and into the portal beneath the stones. After stepping through the portal the adventurers realized they weren’t in “Kansas” anymore so to speak. The area was completely underground with molten lava rushing through the deeper passages. The cave glowed from the red hot heat that pressed down upon our heroes.

As our adventurers traversed through the passages they came upon a grisly sight…. A man, whom Pym called master, was having his organs removed by four vulture type demons. They were loading his organs onto a cart and wheeling them away. The man was pinned to the table by strange metal wires and it was obvious the man was under some strange enchantment that regenerated his limbs and organs quickly after losing them. It was also clear that allthough the man was capable of regrowing his organs the removal was quite painful as he filled the room with screams of agony.

Mordoc was the first to act. He promptly leap from his observant position to strike the first Vulture type Demon. Whisper followed quickly after landing a drop kick on the Demon Mordoc engaged. Ridd quickly turned one to dust through his arcane mastery. The other three demons quickly fell to the experienced group.

After freeing the man it was learned that he was Varn, Former King of Wodin, of the Order of Oakal. After his rescue he asked our heroes to destroy the construct army that had been built by his parts and allow him to get the rest he had waited so long for. He was granted both and our adventuers allowed Pym to follow along. Our group stormed through the caverns dispatching Varn look alikes at every corner. Upon reaching a large staging area SyN came upon a fearsome site, thousands of “Varn” warriors were standing, waiting on a command from their captain. Mordoc and Whisper called forth a massive earthquake destroying the armor in a matter of minutes.

During the chaos that ensued our group escaped to some type of throne room were 50k worth of demon gold, a magic harp, a dire bear rug, a huge book, and one of the artifacts of Oakal were discovered. After looting, the brave adventurers teleported out, job well done.



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