Enter the Stonecutters

As we were walking through Reel we witnessed Tim(The Thief who sold us the +4 Wisdom Ring) jumping out of window. He apparently had just stolen an item of some value and had jumped out of a window. A woman popped out of the opening shortly after and promised a reward to anyone who would catch that thief.

Wispher took off after Tim but ran head first into a trap. Mordoc arrived on the scene also to be the victim of another trap. Ridd was able to free Wispher, but then Ridd and Wispher got “shackled” together. At this point “Tim” proposed a plan to make us rich and we agreed.

The plan was to infiltrate a StoneCutter’s meeting and “steal stuff”. We met up outside the house and went into the meeting. After awhile we proceeded to the backroom at Tim’s prompt while Ridd stuck around to see what was said.

Wispher and Mordoc took part in a process that ultimately opened the door to the safe. It involved two secret rooms, two keys, and two mean mages. After taking care of buisness we proceeded into the vault room where we watched Tim dance across the room to a strange item surrounded by a blue glow. He was able to get the item but not before setting of an alarm. He threw the blue object out of the room where we snatched it up just before Tim was sealed off by a 5 ft thick Metal Door.

At this point Ridd met up with us followed by 40 StoneCutters and a fireball spell. We fought our way through the bunch and then proceeded to take out the “head honcho”. After mopping up we hightailed it out of the building and then out of the city.

We met up with Samuel who agreed to keep watch over the blue item. Wispher using druidic powers hid the stone in the side of a mountain with plans to return to it at a later date when we know more.

Ridd learned from the meeting that the StoneCutters are planning to move the artifacts(they took from us) from Togash down river to an undisclosed location. We need to stop the artifacts from getting on that boat.

Our plan is to get to Togash, and quickly.



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