Ding dong the King is dead

Several months have passed since we first sent our spies to infiltrate the Stonecutter network. The latest news from Stont comes, in notifying us that one spy in particular has not reported in the past couple of weeks.

This is not typical for this particular scout so we decide to investigate. Upon coming into view of Stont’s capital city we notice a large number of people making their way out of the city. We stop by to see what has transpired and it seems that some large explosion has taken place in the residential section of town, the same section where our spy was working from. We encourage refugees to head to Windpass and then make our way on into the city.

After investigating the home of our Mark we learn that he spent a great deal of time at the Church of Oldimarra. Of course we do some searching over at the church which leads to the discovery of Mark’s journal. The journal provides valuable intel of some of the latest dealings and thoughts of the Stonecutters. It appears they have infiltrated pretty much every governing council and groups with any sort of power. He does mention that the Stonecutters have a somewhat normal meeting schedule at another Church in the royal district.

At this point in our journey it seems all of our thoughts had drifted back to the empty coffers back at Windpass. We rob the Church blind during the day and then come back at night to see what all we have missed. After a good deal of snooping about we find a lever which opens a passage into an underground passage of the Church. We dash down the passageway exploding traps in our wake. After several encounters which end poorly for the Stonecutters we ultimately run into a familiar face that teleports out quickly. We finish our search of the underground passage only to discover we need a key and more than likely that fella that zapped out is our objective.

We head back out of the underground tunnels coming face to face with what could only be the King of Stont, A STONECUTTER!! Finally a figurehead of the organization that has been a thorn in our side from the beginning. We quickly council with each other and decide to end this sucker once and for all. After a very difficult battle we are able to put down the King and his aides. On his corpse we do find the key to the vault below and quickly go to claim our treasures.

In the vault room we found several objects along with a troll body. This fella may come in handy so we bring him along.

Before the Stong High Council we dump the body of their King. The ultimate slap in the face. We threaten them to weed out the Stonecutter presence from within their ranks, and make a hasty retreat back to Windpass.

Resulted in New Stont

New Stont# With the death of any king a nation goes through a hard time. Stont is no exception. Things could not look worse for the area once known as Stont. In the heart of Main Stont, the Prince Tayshaun is trying to keep Stont together. The surrounding cities are are staying loyal, but looking for any excuse to abandon their old nation. The Stont army has rallied at Stont’s End. This makes it the only city with any of Stont’s offensive troops. Woodin has closed in and taken Lakeside and Trouten. They now claim that the river belongs to them. Many cities and keeps have declared themselves independent of Stont. There are even unconfirmed rumors of another nation forming in the south lands of old Stont.

Prince Tayshaun ruled out any corruptions or deals with the Stonecutters. Not many people refute the evidence brought forth by the leaders of Windpass. Nonetheless Prince Tayshaun has declared that he is now ruling a different nation and will first form a sturdy base. He calls these lands New Stont and plans on ruling over all of the lands that Old Stont once controlled.

Status Report: This is the current status of the cities that we do have information on.

Taggish: has been abandoned. It was the city hurt most by the war. There is nothing or no one left from what our sources can tell.

Reel: Has become an independent city. It is being protected by a small group of soldiers.

Candir: Is remaining Loyal to Stont and still flies their flag. They have a small group of Stont guards protecting their base

Henninvale Hold: Has declared their independence. The Henninvale family has amassed a small army for protection.

Other cities that are further out have not had any visitors come to our home to get any information from.



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