Demons attack Windpass!

Our fleet sailed past the burning remains of Tagash and our hearts dropped. If fighting has occurred this close to home there’s no telling what has become of Windpass Keep.

After successfully unloading at the docks Ridd teleported us directly to the Keep, and right into the middle of a mess.

Grollum was quick to give us a report. Stonecutters and Tagash guards fled to our keep simply because there was no where left to turn. A demon army had appeared from nowhere led by the Demon Baltanar. He or one of his lackeys were responsible for Edgar’s death in their search for an object of great power. We quickly realized the object they were looking for must be the Golden Needle. Previously we had been told that the golden needle was useless without the statue so we decided to bring them together to see what happened. To our astonishment an older demon that went by the name Visicount was in the room where the statue was. It happened to be that Visicount was the statue and had been freed due to the golden needle’s presence. We soon discovered the needle in his hands could be used to “sew” people back together forming a construct creature of the former self with no memories, yet intelligent.

During our next meeting with Baltanar we questioned him whether he would give us something in exchange for the needle and all he was able to offer was a quick death. It doesn’t take much more than that to get our gang a rollin. We began our assault on the demon and his summoned demon army. We dispatched many of the lesser demons while Mordoc wrestled with Baltanar. Mordoc was taking heavy hits but still managed to struggle with the demon. Then out of nowhere Malachi attacked Baltanar striking him with such ferocity Mordoc was released. The demon and Malachi flew up into the air to do battle while we who remained finished off the demons. After several moments passed Malachi fell to the ground dead, along with his trident. But all was not lost for the demon Baltanar had been grievously injured as well and his demon army recovered his body and fled back to the abyss.

Windpass Keep held off a demon army, tales of this epic battle are already being sung in taverns around the world.



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