Bring the fight to the Stonecutters

After determining that the Stonecutters were the ones responsible for creating these beings of great power with the Golden Needle we decided to pay them a little visit. We questioned our informants about the whereabouts of the next gathering of the Stonecutters. After several months of espionage they had learned of a meeting taking place in Tagash several weeks away. Wispher attended the meeting as a bug and learned that the Stonecutters may have yet another “super construct” up their sleeve. Wispher also was able to learn that Malachi, as well as, Ben were also two of the super constructs. After the meeting was over we decided to take out the Stonecutter leadership once and for all. We stormed the building destroying the guards and several high ranked officials. We were able to render the Captain unconcious but not before an alarm was rose alerting everyone to our presence. We quickly grabbed what loot we could find and make our escape by the means of teleport yet again.



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