Acorn Hold Origins

It all started that day Catta and Whisper were making a mess of the Keep. From far off two riders were spotted riding hard in our direction. Catta and Whisper ceased their hostile game and rode out to meet these travellers. We found a young elven girl and a dead human child. After reviving the child we learned that he was a child from the village of Aton, far into Wodin territory. He mentioned that the elves had invaded their city leaving noone alive.

We quickly prepared for the trip and headed to Wodin. We were able to find the remains of the city and tracks leading out into the woods. After following the trail for several hours the trail was lost. Much to our aid we came upon an old hag who was able to fill in the details a little more to our adventure before her life was ended. The Galleon Wood elves had been under some type of mind control and had attacked the poor village.

We spared as many lives as we could before coming face to face with Sadin, an evil General with the Stonecutter’s clan. We made short work of her, ending the curse put upon the Galleon elves. Hulkien the Galleon’s fellowship member swore his oath to our party and we can now summon his aid at any time through Oakal’s Fortune. He will also remain at our new Territory protecting it as it were his own.

We started the Fort at Acorn Hold, a firm start to a force in Wodin.



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